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Stringing Tools

To supplement our main product CRGO and Transformer, from Generation to Distribution, apart from having our own EPC division, we also have a trading division, under Qureishi Enterprises, with a brand name “POWERin”

This division trades various tools and plants required during the erection of HT Towers and Conductor stringing processes. These tools include various Single / Multi Sheave Pulleys, Clamps, Hydraulic Press, Chain Pulley Blocks, Torque Wrench, Rollers, Drum Lifting Jacks, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Punching Machine, Slings, Wire Rope, PP Rope, Power Winch, Derric / Gin Pole,  Dynamometer, Tensioner, Puller Machines etc. We have distributorship of major brands like POWERCOM, CSFK and Kudos for these tools.

Within a short span of time four years, this division is already registered with PGCIL and also with all major Turnkey EPC OEMs like L&T, KEC, KALPATARU, Bajaj Electricals etc.

We not only trade these tools but also provide service support.

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Hydraulic Tools

Compression machine – motorized and manual


Drum lifting jack

Pull Cylinder / Hydraulic Jacks


Single Sheave (Standard / Special)

Two Sheave Pulley

Four Sheave Pulley

Drum lifting jack

Gin Pole

Derrick pole

Automatic Come Along Clamps

Rollers / Headboards

OPGW tools

Traction Machine

Recovery Damper

Nylon Pilot Rope

Chain Pulley Blocks

Ratchet Hoist

Pulling socks/ grips

Pulling Lifting Machine

Digital Dynamometer

Turn Buckle

Other Small tools